Brendan Brock


Brendan has represented and advised:

  • Shareholders and directors of corporations in disputes concerning corporate governance, negotiated division of corporate assets, and collapsed share/asset purchase agreements.
  • Real estate developers involved in disputes before the BC Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, including, for example, negligence claims concerning alleged damage to neighbouring land; collapsed assignments and contracts of purchase and sale; and disputes with contractors and sub-trades.
  • Construction general contractors and sub-trades in claims including, for example, negligence, breach of contract, collection matters, disputes under the Builders Lien Act and multi-party ‘leaky condo’ disputes.
  • Commercial landlords and tenants in litigation concerning breach of contract and negligence claims.
  • Commercial farm owners in litigation involving, for example, contests over ownership of farm land; claims to high-value commercial inventory; and mareva injunctions for the preservation of assets.
  • A condominium developer in an airspace trespass dispute with the strata corporation of a neighbouring complex.
  • Residential real estate owners including, for example, in a BC Supreme Court trial concerning trust claims and equitable damages; and litigation involving land subsidence and property damage claims.
  • Private mortgagees and lenders in foreclosure proceedings.
  • Restaurant and pub owners in litigation regarding breach of contract, negligence, property damage and occupiers liability claims.
  • Commercial transportation companies involved in claims for damage to property, cargo and equipment.
  • A national bank in investigations before a regulatory body.
  • Businesses involved in disputes with insurance companies and brokers over general commercial liability and property loss claims.
  • The BC Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation in claims under the Employment and Assistant Act.
  • A professional trust company involved in estates-related court proceedings.
  • Beneficiaries and executors in estates and trusts litigation, including challenges to the validity of wills, equitable trust claims, actions to vary wills, alleged breaches of executors’ duties, alleged improper use of powers of attorney and applications to rectify testamentary documents.
  • High net worth individuals in family law proceedings involving claims to complicated asset structures.
  • A family lawyer and parenting coordinator in litigation concerning professional liability and breach of contract claims.
  • A Central American owner of an agricultural company involved in a corporate governance dispute in BC.
  • A resident of the United States in challenging the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of BC.
  • An individual in a multi-day trial concerning a complex challenge to the jurisdiction of the Provincial Court of BC.
  • Corporate and individual clients in appeals before the BC Court of Appeal.

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