John Forstrom

Associate Counsel

John has advised or represented:

  • Financial advisors, investment banks and individual market participants in investigations and enforcement proceedings involving the Mutual Find Dealers Association of Canada, the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and the British Columbia Securities Commission and related civil litigation
  • Financial Dealers and individual Investment Advisors in relation to hiring, resignation or dismissal and the associated disputes which often arise with respect to competition for clients
  • Owners of public and private companies in relation to exercise of shareholder rights and the interpretation and enforcement of Shareholders’ Agreements
  • A large Financial Institution in relation to defence of claims arising from its retail investment arm, as well as estates–related disputes arising from its banking and trust operations
  • Individual investors with claims against a professional advisors involving allegations of fraud, breach of contract, or negligence in the provision of investment related services
  • Land owners in disputes about the purchase and sale of real property
  • Employers and employees in relation to claims arising from termination of employment
  • A Municipality in a complex dispute regarding liability for and repair of a “leaky” condominium property
  • A Mine developer in relation to a large claim against an engineering firm arising from the design and construction of a mine
  • The Truck Loggers Association and many of its members in relation to disputes about interpretation and enforcement of replaceable contract rights under the Timber Harvesting Contract & Subcontract Regulation, and in investigation and enforcement proceedings under the Forest Practices Code
  • The Law Society of British Columbia in conducting investigations and providing advisory opinions about the professional conduct or discipline of other lawyers

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